Design and Manufacturing of cryogenics technology products (CRYOGENICS)

I-DESIGN entered into the field of cryogenics in 2009 through a BRFST (Board of Research in Fusion Science and Technology) project supported by IPR (Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, India). The first task undertaken by us was manufacturing of a prototype cryo shield. Since then there has been no looking back. Today I-DESIGN has surged ahead in manufacturing of cryogenic radiation shields and cryopanels for 80K and 4K applications. Many of our panels are used by ISRO and IPR for their mission critical applications.

Each cryopanel at I-DESIGN is meticulously designed for leak tightness, operating pressure, mass flow, surface temperature distribution and extraction of thermal heat load with the given cryo-fluid (LN2, GHe, SCHe etc.). These panels are designed and developed as per I-DESIGN internal standards or as per ASME codes. I-DESIGN has a pool of talented designers and technicians who realize these products with utmost passion and care.

Today I-DESIGN is a reputed brand in India for design and manufacturing of cryogenic shields. Our panels are used by our clients for thermovac application, cryostat application, superconductor cooling application, radiation and heat shielding application and for many other scientific applications. Our panels are structurally stable, VUHV leak tight and offer lowest pressure resistance with highest temperature uniformity.

Further more I-DESIGN has undertaken many complex projects in the field of Cryogenics, which involves design and development of cryofluid circulators, installation and commissioning of vacuum insulated transfer lines, assembly and integration of Cable in closed conduits for superconducting magnets, design and development of cryostat components and Cryopump Components etc.

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