Product Testing and Validation

At I-DESIGN we validate and test various types of components and systems as per our internal standard or as per client’s standard. We also perform accelerated life test, correlation test, performance test, fatigue test, endurance test etc. Many a times third party testing agencies use our facility to conduct confirmatory and regulatory test for product certification by them.

Some of our testing services are:

• Performing test as per given standard
• Making test criteria from field data.
• Conducting actual tests in Lab / field.
• And reliability analysis.
• Trouble shooting Our facility includes: Structural Testing:
• Static test up to 100 tons,
• Dynamic / Fatigue test up to 25tons@ 1 Hz.
• Dynamometer test up to 250 Hp Engine Field Testing:
• Telemetric Data Collection 2 channels
• Wired data collection 32 Channels Instrumentation and data collection:
• Torque, Force, Vibration, Noise
• Linear Speed, Angular speed, RPM,
• Temperature, Pressure, Strain

Our Contact Address

I-Design Engineering solutions Ltd,
S. No 78/1, Talera Nagar, Bhosari - Alandi Road
Magzine chowk, Dighi,
Contact No. / Whatsapp - 8600997787
Pune - 411015.