Visit of Padma shri Prof. P.I. John to I-DESIGN

On 28th of August 2015 Padma shri Awardees’ Professor P.I.  John  visited I-DESIGN, Pune.  Professor John is an eminent personality in Plasma Research in India and has several accolades under his belt.

Professor John was one of the leading members of the group who initiated India’s Fusion Research Program, which developed into the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR). He supervised, and was instrumental in the erection and commissioning of the first indigenously built Indian Tokamak, Aditya, and was also the project leader of its pulsed power systems. Later he also headed FCIPT, which was built to facilitate plasma based industrial applications

 He was also chairman of the Board of Research in Fusion Science & Technology (BRFST), which is involved with the National Fusion Program in India.

 It was one in a life time opportunity for I-DESIGN personnel to closely interact with Prof. John and share their views on plasma based technologies, its adaptability in Indian society, its benefits and several other factors.

  He enlightened the complete I-DESIGN family with his vision on the plasma basics and amalgamation of plasma technology with various other technologies, their applications and Plasma benefits to the human race.  

 At the end he bestowed his best wishes on I-DESIGN to continue on its growth path and hoped that I-DESIGN enthusiasm shall never die on adapting and learning new technologies and helping INDIA develop its indigenous technologies.

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