CAD,CAE & CFD Service Offerings

CAD Services:

  • 3-D Part Modeling and 2-D Drawings for manufacturing.

  • Digitizing of parts and benchmarking

  • Meshing and Finite Element Analysis.

CAE Services:

  • Structural analysis.

  • Thermal analysis (Steady state, Transient).

  • Geometric, material non-linearity analysis,

  • Linkage & mechanism analysis,

  • Fatigue and fracture analysis etc.

CFD Services:

Meshing for CFD Application

  • Geometry generation and cleanup

  • Multi Block Structured Grid Generation

  • Tetrahedral, Hexahedral and Hybrid Meshing

Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Internal as well as External Flow

  • Steady as well as Transient flow

  • HVAC

  • Computational Aero Acoustics

  • Electronic component cooling

  • Combustion Simulation

  • Rotary Machinery

  • Multi-physics analysis

Customize product development

  • User Defined Functions (UDF)

  • Specific CFD tool development

  • Customization of existing CFD products

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